Random journal entry.. date and time N/A

 Journal Entry: Unknown date and time.

The mind is like a muscle exercising it makes it stronger with ability to expand. Cultivate a positive mindset. Very good things can happen from the most challenging battles or negative events.

Gratitude- always give "thanks".

Rather than wanting anything more be completely thankful for the life you live right now. Every season has a reason. 

I've got to keep reminding myself that I'm doing the best I can do with what I know. There are so many reasons that I feel lost, incomplete, or not good enough. Every task I try to complete leads me off into another direction where I begin but don't complete a different chore.  Stuff gets moved around, left out (to use or just see what's available) and creates chaos for not only me though my kids as well.

Many people prove how the world will try to control you. The most important information you need is: you're in complete control of you.  No one on this earth will ever hold power over you; no one else can make or break you. Let them be mad, let them talk, act out or cause a scene because your reaction determines your character which can ultimately portray your level of maturity vs. the rest of the world.


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