Into my next life..

 If there happens to be another life for me, I'd like to be born with the same knowledge I leave this life with. After living there's a few things I'd like to be aware of for my next life.  

Granted I get one, I'd like to know how important it is to form a good reputation for yourself. Word of mouth is the most credible way to spread information. When you're good to people; when you act accordingly, treating people with respect even in their weakest moments, allows you to get the upmost respect. If I could I'd like to realize how important it is to do good in school so that I apply myself from the start. Can I know that true love wants to know you spiritually and intellectually before ever knowing you intimately and sexually? 

In my next life I want to know more about my health, my mind, and my body. Reading body language will help me drastically. From the beginning I'll respect my mom, I'll show her more love.  I'll realize that my trauma's need to be addressed if I want a happy, guilt free life, and new experiences. Embedded in my mind will be the idea that it's better to have and follow your own goals without wondering or worrying what anyone else thinks. Our whole life will be spent being judged by others. It doesn't matter what we do someone will be criticizing us or anything/anyone to do with us.

As of today there are a few things that I would go back and change if I could.  I'm aware that my experiences have made me who I am and what I've had the courage to do is what I've done. To make a change takes courage and that is one trait that I always have trouble finding. 


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