Age of Epiphany

 I don't know how to stop being mad at and hating myself so my children stop thinking that I hate them. The truth is I am so ashamed of my life and how I've gone no where.  Learning how to cope in society today from what it was for me growing up has been more than complicated.  The comments under my breath, the constant sighing, rolling my eyes, and acting as if it's the worst thing in the world that they ask me for anything when I'm busy.  It is true and for every reason, that my children think I hate them.  The thing about it is that it's not true at all.  I love them and I am mad at myself for not doing better for them.  They deserve so much better than what I've been able to give them. It's super important for our upbringing that every child has the experiences from both a male and female role model.  Realistically we need these role models until we're about 35.  It's possible there is much truth behind women needing less time though at age 35 we should all have gained enough experiences in our lives that we will pay better attention and be more involved in our children's. 


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