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We can't expect anyone to know anything they weren't taught....

 Four of the most important qualities a human being should possess: 1. Genuine : possessing attributed or claimed character not counterfeit, authentic, real      -be yourself- 2. Generous : liberal in giving or sharing, unselfish      -be helpful, kind, caring, and understanding- 3. Sympathetic : harmony of or agreement in feeling as between persons or on the part of one person with respect to another      -from one person to another it's important to compromise as well as accommodate one another- 4. Empathetic : the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another      -by imagining yourself in someone else's situation to get an idea of what they're going through- Everything you need to know to get by in life you learn in Kindergarten... patience, manners, respect, self control, sharing, taking turns, picking up your mess, interacting and communicating... etc. No, we don't learn everything in Kindergarten we jus