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More than Rural

Days like today I sit and wonder if New York officials get together and make up ways to fuck their people just to reap that money.  They've got to realize that New York is not all city. I personally live in a very rural area that doesn't have a transportation line.  There are no busses, no taxi's, no Uber's, no trains, or planes. Also there are no stores in walking distance to buy healthy food that is actually good for you and prevents disease and illness of all sorts. The closest store that still isn't in walking distance is a Dollar General and you've got to know that food isn't healthy and is probably the reason why most of America is sick.  Almost every kid has ADHD and it's becoming more and more common in adults.  Why? Take a look at the generations and what life was like when each was young.  There was a time when folks planted and grew their own food.  People raised their own cows, pigs, and chickens with intentions to feed their families.  As ti

The Beginning (again)

There's days when I literally think that I'm the only one in the world going through life with such particular struggles and then there are days like today when I think that I better start getting some of this bottled up emotion out; share what I've learned and what I've been through because it's likely there's thousands of other people who are also at a sort of stance in their life.  I used to vent here and there thinking I'd benefit, which I did, though, only through my own expressions.  It's come to my knowledge that it's better to be ready and prepared for the adventures ahead.  Right now it's hard for me to plan out my future as I'd like to see it.  In my opinion I feel like it's become pretty hard on everyone to follow through with one set path towards a goal.  Paths can shift into a total different direction and will often happen when you least expect it. I fear the next drastic change to my life.  I know that always thinking negat