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Thankful for the little things.. (bc they're not so little)

A few years ago I learned a great way to teach myself all I'm grateful for is to write down 3 things I'm thankful for.  Yes, my 3 kids, always though I'm talking about the little things.  Things we tend to forget or let go of in passing the days away. There are so many fortunate moments for each and every one of us that go unrecognized because paying attention to them has never been influenced. Kids need to know that their life is never promised and neither are their parents.  Sometimes when it seems life has been so unfair it turns out that it's lead us exactly where we need to be. Losing someone or a good thing ending can really run a toll on one person and forget about it if they're responsible for the safety and well being of a child or children. It may seem pretty far fetched and down right stupid though whatever we lose; whoever we lose, it teaches us.  "Our loss is another's rejoice" was the quote at the top of a drawing that displayed a person

Memories of You

 Every single day I get annoyed with my children.  I'm also mad at myself every single day because I get so annoyed.  It's got to be confusing for them if it's definitely confusing for me.  I just don't really know what I can do to manage and deal with the every day stress of being a mom 24/7.  In my world there is no breaks, we identify as adults, and the word "bored" isn't in our vocabulary.  There is always something to do.  It has occurred to me on multiple occasions that I need to embrace and appreciate my life and my children more because there's going to come a time when it will fade and I'll miss this. I do know that I need to make those good and happy memories now so they have a better way to remember me when I'm gone. ~live a life you want to be remembered by~ LL Think about it.  When you're gone, how would you want to be remembered?